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Textile machinery imperative to upgrade to high-end smart move
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With rising labor costs and cotton prices, textile companies come to realize the importance of product take the high road, and textile machinery products put forward higher requirements. Our country is the undisputed textile-producing countries, but domestic textile machinery is the lack of voice and pricing on the world stage textile machinery. All the signs have shown that domestic textile products to high-end intelligent imperative. Many industry believes that textile enterprises tailored to a critical turning point in the transformation and upgrading mode according to their actual situation. Currently more recognized upgrade mode is through self-improvement and improve the complete upgrading of enterprises from low value to high value, low pollution and high energy consumption and high pollution from upgrading to energy consumption, from extensive development to intensive development upgrade. Textile product upgrading and restructuring is the trend, low technical content and low added value, high labor costs, low productivity of the status quo is no longer in line with current market needs, not suited to the company's future development. Although China has become the textile machinery manufacturing country, but the textile machinery manufacturing level is not high, so companies must accelerate the transformation to improve the technical performance, and constantly develop high-end products to maintain core competencies and work together to textile machinery manufacturing power, the internal structure skipping and inadequate, is likely to be eliminated in the shuffling process. In the long run, companies will have to jump structure, by endogenous driving force for sustainable development, and only in exchange for short-term pain will be long-term sustainable development of enterprises. Efficient and productive, smart will be the main direction of development of textile machinery and equipment, eliminate backward production capacity is the development trend of the industry, but also to respond to market changes in user demand. Textile products are high-end industrial upgrading products, is derived from the result of the market demand for power, only towards high efficiency, high yield, high stability, low power consumption, less labor, less maintenance direction, product market in order to be accepted.

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