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Shandong lujia Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dezhou Ning County, founded in 1984, is a collection of various textile machinery research and development, manufacturing and sales of large-scale private enterprises, and annual production and processing of various agricultural machinery, hardware accessories , auto parts and other products.

Now the company a total area of 100,000 square meters; which construction area of 55,000 square meters. It employs more than 300 people, including various professional and technical personnel more than 70 people, the company's existing machining centers, CNC machine tools, including machining equipment 240 ...

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  • Shandong Lujia Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

    1, With the "ISO9001: 2015" for protection, so that product quality to achieve "customer satisfaction" as the standard.

    2, Quick Schindler's after-sales service, technical staff regularly visits, follow-up survey, tour service.

    3, Depending on the user "God", abide by the contract guarantee satisfaction, honesty and fairness knot of friendship; delivery schedule is basic, special needs do our best.

  • GA736 type flexible rapier loom is together with the advantages of various looms from home and abroad at present. it adopts flexible rapier ribbon in weft insertion,controlled by micro-computer,steady performance,lower voice,convenient operation. it can easily weave fabric of plain,twill and heavy fabric.

  • ShanDong Lujia Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

    The company's high-quality products, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service for the purpose; to carry forward the hard-working, efficient and innovative spirit of enterprise, the success across the business, the accumulation of three major development course. Company observance of "treat people with sincerity, winning by quality" business philosophy, talent, strengthen management, Strict quality


Why choose us

30 years of experience developing and manufacturing

201--300 talent

It covers an area of 10,0000 square feet

Annual production value of more than $ 100 million