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GA747-Ⅲ type flexible rapier loom

GA747-Ⅲ type flexible rapier rapier is the result of the three new improved user views GA747 series rapier basis. The product is more adaptable, improve the ability of heavy fabric. Suitable as a raw material of plain, twill, and satin weave cotton jacquard small hemp, chemical fiber, such as spinning and donations. The product of the sword around the weft insertion tape, ASGT211 dobby shedding, the outer six-color weft, warp machine, concentrated refueling. Broken warp, weft, weft feeder fault location from Ding. KJ indicating light display. Also, the machine uses a light weight, high strength carbon fiber composite material and aluminum alloy material, simple and reliable structure. In addition the machine frame and the outer structure and GA615 warp woven of common parts, with easy maintenance, maintenance advantages. The machine by the National Testing and Inspection Center, and issued a certificate of competency.

Main performance and specifications

1, working width: 3375px ~ 9000px
2, the crankshaft speed: 145-230r / min
3, weaving yarn: chemical fiber and cotton linen blend
4, No. weaving yarn: synthetic 75-1800den other 13-195tex.
5, pages harness frames: Up to 20
6, the weft color selection: 6-8 Color (dobby control)
7, weaving Lat: 30-800 root / 250px
8, the type of selvedge: leno selvedge
9, the disc diameter: Φ550mm, the maximum choice Φ600mm
10, the cloth roll diameter: Maximum Φ400mm
11, by means Ding: six electronically controlled
12, Wei Ding means: a piezoelectric ceramic

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