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High-speed rapier electrical part of the problem often appears and approach introduced
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One high-speed rapier device is widely used in the field of knitting for the device, it is not the shuttle device itself has many features, such as high efficiency, high speed, etc., it has many internal parts, wherein the electrical section may be some problems in the course of work, the following are a few small series will provide you with questions and suggestions put forward a reasonable solution.

Electrical high-speed rapier portion Problems often appear and approach as follows: first, its inner weft feeder there is a problem, it can not be functioning properly. Then you need to check the fuses and relays, etc., to see if they are not good, if problems arise, should be treated timely. It would also like to see an external cable connection is not normal. Second, reservoir weft yarns is broken, the sensor can check the quality is not good. Third, high-speed rapier stopped, then you need to check it is not in the corresponding lead, there is no need to look at short lead.

High-speed rapier electrical part of the problem will appear, just to mention three, in addition to these, there are, under the circumstances it is necessary to consult professionals, hoping to help you.

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